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Meet our team:

Francisca Peixoto

Francisca has more than 8 years of research experience in R&D in top institutions like Oxford University (UK), Utrecht Medical Centre (The Netherlands) and IRB Barcelona (Spain). She has a Masters from Utrecht University in The Netherlands and a PhD from the University of Barcelona in Spain, both in the fields of Biomedicine.

Her work has yielded her several publications, including 2 first-author publications in the renowned scientific journal CELL. Francisca has also completed an Executive MBA at ESADE Business School.

Prior to founding LifeLink, she worked as an associate at Kinled Life Sciences Ventures (KLSV) and then as Chief Science Officer at WEcubed Partners.

“The best part of our job is the chance to get to know so many inspiring minds and back their world-changing ideas”

Leo Figueiredo

Leo is a Brazilian financial market entrepreneur.
Leo has an Economics Bachelor degree from FEA/USP, a Law degree from Largo do São Francisco/USP and a post-grad in Business from FGV.

Leo started working in the financial markets in the 1980s and in 1987 he became managing partner of Hedging-Griffo in São Paulo, Brazil. He developed the company’s operational activities, participating in structuring the capital markets and fund management businesses and transforming Hedging-Griffo into a private banking and asset management business. In 2006 the company was sold to Credit Suisse.

Since then Leo has been an active angel investor, has founded the business accelerator Quintessa, has become one of the first social impact accelerators in Brazil, and is currently on the board of Provence Capital, his own investment holding firm.

“An entrepreneur’s company ought to be his/her life project, not simply a way to earn money. A true purpose is one of the main keys for success”

Thiago Figueiredo

Thiago is a serial entrepreneur and investor who has been very active in the fields of wealth and asset management.
He holds a degree in Economics from EESP-FGV, São Paulo, Brazil.

In 2015 Thiago joined Kinled Holding as Director of Ventures and co-founded in 2016 alongside Mr. Patrick Markus Aisher, the venture capital investment firm Kinled Life Sciences Ventures (KLSV). Thiago is also a founding partner at Iniciativa Agronegócios, a wealth and asset management firm in the agribusiness segment.

Thiago is the Chief Executive Office of WEcubed Partners, coordinating his team to develop long-term strategy and supporting the development of impact-focused projects.

“There is amazing technology out there.
I would love to see a world that sees this fourth industrial revolution not as a
threat but as an undeniable opportunity”